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Change of perspective

The first time I visited my neighbors, a 40-something couple with a daughter, my heart sank!

You know why?

The whole house is filled with art. It's so beautiful! I immediately felt - people live here, they are worth something to themselves and appreciate art and artists!

I think yes, individual people also need matching individual art.

The wonderful thing is - the art will remind you every day how unique you are!

1) Imagine you come home, tired & stressed - the day was not as great as you would have liked. Your mood is really low and you just want to rest.

Well - so you quickly eat something, go to the couch and turn on the TV... caught?


2) You come home - already when you open the door you feel good, the everyday life stays outside.

A comfortable home awaits you, an oasis of peace where you feel at ease.

You take a deep breath and remember who you are, how great you are and that you can and will create everything!

You see an original work of art in front of you, something special, something that only you in the whole world own and have chosen - it warms your aura.

It reminds you how beautiful your life is!

You sink your gaze into it and all your worries suddenly vanish into thin air for a moment...your soul relaxes and takes a deep breath.

Do you notice what?

That is my why, THAT is why I make art, to make you aware again how important you are in this world, you unique soul!

Also you are not a copy! But a genuine original - as we say in Bavaria ...

There is you only once in the whole world, just like your work of art.

You can be proud of yourself!

Stay as you are, even with all your rough edges ;-)

I like people who are like that.


Oh, what I wanted to tell you...hahaha

You know what my neighbor Karolin told me the other day?

(She now also has art of ME hanging with her).

She looks at me and says:

"Andrea, every time I walk by your paintings and look at them, they put a smile on my face because they bring me so much joy."

How beautiful is that! Makes my artist heart jump up and down!

So what are you waiting for?


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