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How long do I need to create a work of art?

What do you think?

I'm often asked:

"Andrea, how long does it take you to create your artwork?"

My answer: " long until they are ready"...hahaha

Seriously! And I know this question is important to many art enthusiasts like you!

It's hard for me to answer and I've thought long and hard about why.

Because what counts as an answer for you here? How do I best explain to you the sometimes very long process?

Do you mean by the question the idea to the implementation? Or are you only interested in the doing? Are drying times included? Is the picture worth more to you if it has a longer working time?

Hmmm ? Do you understand what I mean?

I'll try to explain it as follows:

Sometimes a work is created within a few days and is perfect!

(Not included is always the preparation, buying the materials, waiting, finishing work, choosing frames, packing, shipping, writing invoices...etc.).

Sometimes it takes 1 year to finally finish.

I don't mean that I worked on it every day for 8 hours, no, it means that it was allowed to rest in between until I tweaked it further, until it finally meets my requirements and it has that certain something for me....

Also you have to know, the time span to let a work develop, presupposes an important & loooong working & learning process.

Because you know certainly the saying:

No master has fallen from the sky ;-)

This is also true for me.

A lot of money, some swear words and tears I have shed & I am constantly developing, optimizing and experimenting. (I love that! Because that's exactly how new pieces of art jewelry are always created!)

This requires a lot of courage and self-motivation from me!

Because I can tell you, often a work, which is in the editing phase and others already find WOW, is simply destroyed again by me to make it even more beautiful and intense.

This is not always easy, believe me, while it is exactly THAT what distinguishes my works, I think.

Because of this method I create phenomenal backgrounds that shine through on the surface, create hidden structures that are barely visible, colors that appear transparent, new shapes that merge into each other....

Profound works that tell stories, are meant to captivate you and are designed by me with a lot of feeling... hach... I could philosophize here for hours... hahaha...

Only, honestly counts for me yes also what YOU is important!

- What do you think?

- What interests you in my artwork?

- What does it take to make it perfect for you?

- What is important to YOU?

Feel free to write me and tell me.

If you now want to quickly switch to my catalog - here you go, here is the link again.

I look forward to hearing from you in any case! :)

Take care and see you hopefully soon!

Your Andrea


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