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Whether resin, acrylic, alcohol inks or other techniques - design your own individual work of art!

Would you like to enjoy the art of creating in peace and in your own time? You want me all alone for your questions and wishes? 

You're welcome! I listen to you, ask questions and support you in the realization of your work of art. It is important to me that you bring your heart to the  canvas. I'm  here to encourage you and to help you with one or the other tip. You are allowed to switch off your head and just let your soul speak. 

My experience accompanies you ;-) and you will experience a day that you will never forget!

training photoindividual.jpg

Our day together

I will accompany you on this day with valuable tips & tricks

and stand by your side for YOUR unmistakable picture.

You can experiment on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, acrylic glass, canvas, aluminum etc.

You will learn and experience the design possibilities in abstract art on formats of your choice.

Whether resin, alcohol inks, acrylic and structure, you will proudly go home with your self-designed work.


This day belongs to you alone and together we create your dream image according to your ideas. I support you with my experience and make suggestions for art design.

If we should work with resin, please note that the resin requires a curing time of at least 24 hours.

Your works can be picked up the following day at the earliest.The debriefing also takes place there. Please plan about 1 hour here.
If required, shipping to you can also be organised.

Looking so much forward meeting you!

Your Andrea


Workshop Details

Lecturer: Andrea Hibler

Course time: by arrangement (10 a.m. - 4 p.m.) incl. lunch break

Price per person: 799,- € (incl. Tax)

Course no.: 2023-Individual


Design of 1-2 work(s) in a size of your choice

Previous knowledge: 


Number of participants:

a person | + Girlfriend or boyfriend possible

1 day

10:00 a.m. - approx. 4:00 p.m

(incl. lunch break)


  • including drinks, snacks and lunch

  • Surprise about 2 days after the workshop


Investment: €799 (incl. Tax) per person

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Content by arrangement, e.g.:

  • Theory & practice including tips and tricks

  • different techniques and applications

  • (Create your own resin paste if desired)

  • multi-layered work

  • image post-processing

  • work on large formats (resin up to 70x100cm, otherwise larger possible)

  • we experiment with different materials

  • (Combination of resin, structure, matte and gloss if desired)


material list

The course includes:

  • Working materials such as cups, stirrers, cover foil, brushes, hot air guns, spatulas.


Not included in the course are:

  • Material such as substrates can be purchased in the course.

  • Filler, resin, various acrylic paints

  • (can also be used by me for a fee – please contact me)

Please bring your own:

  • Workwear & nitrile gloves

  • ...and lots of fun experimenting!


After your registration you will receive a confirmation email including the exact list of materials with recommendations from me.


Do you want to be there?

waiting list


Or do you prefer your unique "Hibler" for your home?

Find your favorite work of art - as unique as you are!

Get the free online art catalog and get more details about my artworks and prices.

  • How are the works of art protected?
    All my artworks are multi-sealed with UV protection to protect them from dirt and sunlight.
  • Do I have to clean my artwork? If yes how?
    Artwork does not normally get dirty. In the case of dust, the surface can simply be treated carefully with a duster. Or blown away with a hair dryer. Please do not use a microfiber cloth or glass cleaner for the resin works. Here it is sufficient to clean the surface with a duster or damp cloth (water).
  • Are there hangers on the canvas picture?
    My paintings come with a pre-assembled metal hanger if required. So they can be hung up directly. Usually nails in the wall are enough.
  • Where can I see the exact measurements and sizes of the artworks?
    You can find the size of the image on the detail page of each artwork.If you need more measurements, please contact me and I will send them to you.
  • How is the payment organized?
    After you have decided on a work of art, you will receive an invoice from me. You can Pay by bank transfer, cash or Paypal. As a rule, payment is made in advance.
  • Do I have a right of return?
    In the run-up, there are always intensive discussions between you and me. I offer a trial hanging on your premises. (Only available within Germany and near by places) It is very important to me that your artwork brings joy and suits you. Should you still wish to make changes after purchase, I will decide with you how to proceed - after checking the condition of the work of art, the amount will be parked as a credit, or a new work of art will be selected. Please be aware that any costs like customs or shippment are due on your side.
  • Is payment in installments possible?
    I know art is not always inexpensive and equally affordable for everyone. That's why I also offer installment payments. Please talk to me about it and we will find a suitable model for you.
  • How long does the delivery take?
    Depending on how far away you live from me, the delivery from the packaging to the carrier and to you can take about 1 week. If you live in my area, I will be happy to bring the work to you personally after making an appointment.
  • What happens during a trial hanging?
    For larger works, I offer you the possibility of a free trial hanging. Here you have the opportunity to let the work of art have an effect on you in your own space and in your surroundings. This is my service for you. Feel free to contact me.
  • I live far away - how can I still see the work of art I want on my premises?
    Here I have the opportunity to enter the work virtually into your premises. For this I need a photo with a size specification e.g. length of the couch or something similar to scale it. I'll then place your artwork where you'd like to see it and send it back to you for inspection.
  • What happens if the artwork doesn't fit after delivery?
    If this is the case, you only have to pay the shipping costs & the customs for the return. After the work of art has been inspected by me, you will get your money back.
  • Is shipping abroad possible?
    Yes! I ship worldwide - please contact me here for details and more information.
  • What does mixed media mean?
    Mixed media refers to the use of different media or techniques when creating a work of art. An example of mixed media: - several different drawing elements / on the same painting ground
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