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Andrea Hibler
Born in 1965

Fine Art, Abstract Art - Acrylic Bubble Resin Art
Technique: mixed technique

For the established artist, a blank canvas is like a writer's blank slate.

In doing so, she enters into a dialogue with the color and the selected medium and gives free rein to her feelings and intuition to tell her stories.

Volition and arbitrariness determine the process.

Wanting for the mind - the head.
Arbitrariness for the unconscious – the feeling.

Works with incredible depth are created, which captivate the viewer.

With her self-created "bubble technique" she creates unique works of art that have never been seen before in the art scene - simply unique!

Her works are already gaining international recognition.

I am a passionate artist & create UNIQUE Art for UNIQUE people like you, because I think there are enough copies in this world!


I'm Andrea Hibler, I live with my husband and my 2 cats in Baldham near Munich.

(My daughter Tamara recently moved to Australia & to be honest? I miss her a lot!)


I used to work in sales for many years until an acute illness made me pursue my real calling. I courageously quit my job and listened to my heart and finally did what I had wanted to do my whole life: ART!

Today I am completely healthy again and I am happy to be able to create something creative every day. It gives me so much joy & my soul gives me endless ideas that I try to implement. I often only paint in my head and then write things down so I don't forget them.

You'll see, I don't really have anything twice, unless it's a diptych ;-)

That's why my slogan is UNIQUE ART - just like you are unique, so is my art.
Because I think you should come home and feel good and be surrounded by special things.




ARTMUC, October 27th - 29th, Munich

Opening ceremony gallery|studio September 14th -see blog entry

Open studio July 22nd, Vaterstetten

ARTe Konstanz July 14th - 16th, Konstanz

Stuttgart April 14th - 16th, Stuttgart


Red Dot Miami, December, Miami

ARTMUC, October, Munich
IN Corporate art fair, May, Hamburg


Red Dot Miami, December, Miami

Shop window exhibition Maximilian Men Fashion, March Munich

ARTMUC Praterinsel, July & October, Munich


ARTMUC 2020 (October 22-25) Praterinsel Munich
ART Expo NEW YORK April/October 2020 - canceled due to Covid 19

Book "Who's Who in Visual Art - 99 Top Fine Artists of Our Day"

Hardcover (ISBN 978-3981770131) - August 2020


Art Expo international Ingolstadt Sept 2019 - nominated for the art prize
ART Fair international d´art contemporain Paris - Porte de Versailles 2019 ARTE Sindelfingen - March 2019
ARTE Genova - February 2019


Pavia Art Talent (PAT) Italy 2018
Munich Art House - Old Academy Munich 2018
Kunstrefugium Quiddezentrum exhibition 2018
ART Brüggen 1st International Exhibition 2018
Gallery Zeitkunst Baden Baden Exhibition 2018


STROKE art fair, May 9th-12th, Munich Praterinsel

ART Karlsruhe, February 22nd - 25th, Karlsruhe


Solo exhibition Vitalytic Baldham on 130sqm 2016

Auszeichnungen / Preise


Mein Arbeitsweise



My work is full of courage and self-confidence. I allow my feelings to dance on the canvas.

It's this strong need within me to breathe life into an empty, blank canvas.

The bigger the canvas, the better. 

The brushes  float over the bare cloth, even mixed color cocktails are poured, sprayed or rolled on it.


I distribute filler with my hands and gently dab structure into it.

A tango of feelings. They flow through my hands onto the canvas, bringing it to life.

It is my courageous journey accompanied by my vulnerability and my open heart.

During the process I am completely with myself. I lose track of time.


Music often joins in and supports my striving for expression. I always trust my heart.


This flow nourishes and strengthens my soul at the same time and gives me the strength to trust myself and to take risks. 




It is the joy of doing, of creating, knowing that I am designing a work of art that will be valuable to a very specific person which should remind them how important and unique they are.


My goal is to make as many people happy with my art as possible.


Appreciate the original and surround yourself with positive things.

Make the world a little more unique for yourself.

Andrea Hibler


Get your unique "Hibler" for your home!

Find your favorite work of art - as unique as you are!

Get the free online art catalog and get more details about my artworks and prices.

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