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INVITATION - Opening Vernissage on 14th of Sept


I cordially invite you to a unique vernissage that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the captivating colors of Australia!

"Outback Impressions: Explosions of Color from a Journey" - that's the title of my exhibition, where I've brought my personal impressions and emotions from my Australian journey, visiting my daughter Tamara, to life through artworks.

Experience the seemingly endless expanse of the Toowoomba outback, feel the gentle ocean breeze of Byron Bay, and let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of Australian flora and fauna.

In vibrant hues and impressive structures, I've captured these special encounters on canvas. Dive into the pulsating heart of the Australian continent and discover the magic of Down-Under culture through my eyes.

The vernissage is not only meant to stimulate your senses but also to provide a space for stimulating conversations and interactions.

Come by and be inspired by my art and the stories behind the works.

I look forward to your presence and to exploring the beauty of Australia in my artworks together with you and your companions!

To ensure the toasting goes smoothly, I'm excited to receive your confirmation by September 1st with "Count me in + number of people."

P.S.: Of course, a few surprises also await you. ;-)

Curious ? get in contact:

Yours Andrea


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