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The Art of Pricing - Insights into My Art World

"Money is just paper, so ephemeral - Art is enduring." -Andrea Hibler

Today, I'd like to provide you with an insight into the fascinating world of pricing my artworks. It's important to me, as your loyal supporter and art enthusiast, to inform you about how I determine the prices of my artworks and the factors that come into play.

  1. Size of the Artwork: The size of an artwork significantly impacts its price. Larger pieces require more materials and time, and this additional effort is reflected in the price, allowing me to create larger artworks.

  2. Medium and Materials: The choice of medium and materials greatly influences the value of an artwork. I invest in high-quality paints, canvases, and tools to ensure that my artworks are durable and of the highest quality.

  3. Complexity and Level of Detail: The more complex and detailed an artwork is, the more time and effort go into it. The price reflects the intensive work put into every single detail.

  4. Artistic Experience and Recognition: Over the years, I've gained experience as an artist and developed my unique style. Increased demand for my works and opportunities for exhibitions have also influenced pricing.

  5. Market Trends and Demand: Current market conditions and demand for my artworks affect prices. When demand rises, it may lead to adjustments in pricing.

  6. Uniqueness and Originality: Each of my artworks is one-of-a-kind and expresses my personal artistic vision. Originality and uniqueness are values that enhance the price of my art.

  7. Time and Effort: Every artwork has a story and involves a significant amount of time and effort. This aspect of creative work is taken into account in the prices.

  8. Framing and Presentation: A high-quality frame and an appealing presentation can increase the overall value of an artwork. I invest in these details to provide the best possible experience to my customers.

  9. Artistic Development and History: Each artwork represents a step in my artistic development and has its own story. This development is part of the artistic value of my works.

  10. Comparison with Similar Works: I invite you to compare my works with similar artworks in the market. This will show you how my prices align with other pieces.

I hope these insights help you better understand the pricing of my art. It's a pleasure for me to share my works with you, and your support means a lot to me. For more information about my art or pricing, please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for your ongoing support and your interest in my art.

Creative greetings

Andrea Hibler



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