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YOU or YOU? How important is the address?

You or you?

Well, which address should I use? YOU or YOU - that's what I kept asking myself when designing my website or newsletter.

At first, I thought "you" was more noncommittal and respectful - appropriate for our times.

But then I discovered for myself that blog posts and websites with you appealed to me more. Why?

Because I felt comfortable and if something really interests me and I share the opinion, then the person may say you.

"You" doesn't mean less respect to me, but on the contrary, I need to be increasingly careful with respect.

"Du" means for me an honest and friendly relationship. (And I'm also from Bavaria - there is already normal to duzen ... hahaha)

My pictures and stories are intended for YOU and not for an impersonal YOU.

You are personal, just like my pictures, which are personally designed by me.

I.e. not that if someone prefers the you in the address, I do not respect this!

No on the contrary - I also do not always want to be addressed with you.

It only means that I consider you in my stories and pictures as a friend who is interested in my art.

So please still feel respected and feel like a good friend while reading my posts and looking at my paintings.

When we talk on the phone or write to each other, feel free to switch to the you if you prefer. Just as you like that 😉

Be very dear greetings your Andrea

If you want to discover more of me, visit me on Instagram @art_hibler or browse my catalog!


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