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An Evening of Art and Passion

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

(plus some words to you at the end )

On September 14th, in Vaterstetten, Germany, more than 100 art enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the opening of the impressive vernissage by Mrs. Andrea Hibler. Under the theme "Outback Colors," the passionate artist showcased her unique works that capture the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape.

The vernissage was characterized by lovingly crafted details that immersed the guests in the world of Outback colors. The reception table was a true spectacle, perfectly reflecting the exhibition's theme. The guest list included art lovers from the region as well as those who had traveled great distances to be part of this special evening.

In parallel, an oversized TV screen invited attendees to witness the impressions of the Outback as they were vividly brought to life on canvas. The guest list was equally impressive and diverse, with people from various cultures and regions coming together to celebrate their shared passion for art. This diversity mirrored the universal appeal of Andrea Hibler's art, which captures much more than just colors and shapes in her works.

The culinary journey began with a selection of exquisite sushi, accompanied by fine varieties of champagne, white wine, and beer. These delights not only tantalized the taste buds but also added to the evening's festive atmosphere.

Another highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Andrea Hibler's moving speech. In her words, she shared not only her passion for art but also her deep connection to the Outback's nature and her personal journey. It was as if she laid her soul bare before us, inviting us to share in her experiences. Her unique artworks, presented under the motto "Unique Art for You - Unique as You," reflected this profound connection. Each piece told a story, and one could truly feel the love for nature and artistic dedication in every brushstroke.

What made this evening even more remarkable was the dedication of the art-loving guests, many of whom had traveled great distances to attend the vernissage. Some had even stayed at nearby hotels or in trailers to ensure they wouldn't miss this unique event. This support from art enthusiasts was overwhelming for Andrea Hibler and her team, demonstrating how deeply her art touches and inspires people.

The opening of Andrea Hibler's exhibition was undoubtedly a successful evening that placed art and community at its core. The fusion of art and the natural beauty of the Outback was evident in every detail, from the artworks themselves to the artist's hospitality. For me and all others who participated in this special evening, it will be a lasting memory—a night of art, passion, and shared joy.

We are all eager to see more unique works by Andrea Hibler and look forward to upcoming exhibitions that will undoubtedly be as impressive as this one. It was a night that showed how art connects and inspires us, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. An evening under the "Australian" starry sky that awakened the senses and touched the soul.


"I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the wonderful people who made my opening vernissage an unforgettable evening.

Your support and presence meant the world to me, and I am overwhelmed by the love and friendship I experienced on this special night.

To be honest, I had not expected such a turnout with over 100 guests. It was a breathtaking sight as I entered the room and saw all the radiant faces. The walls were adorned with my works, which I had created with dedication and passion over the past months.

But the most beautiful part of it all was the many smiling faces gathered around the paintings, enthusiastically discussing art.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the numerous flowers and gifts. Your generous gestures warmed my heart and made my vernissage even more unforgettable. The bouquets and presents I received are like colorful splashes of paint in my life and will always remind me of this special evening.

I understand that, given the large crowd, it was challenging to have in-depth conversations with each of you and spend quality time together. There were moments when I wished I could have spoken more with each individual guest and heard your thoughts and impressions of my art. But please understand that the overwhelming number of visitors simply left me in awe.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on my art and the event. Your opinions are extremely important to me, and I value your thoughts and impressions highly. If you have any comments, thoughts, or suggestions on how I can further develop as an artist or what kind of events you would like to see in the future, please do not hesitate to share them with me.

I promise to carefully read your feedback and incorporate it into my future work and event planning. Your opinions are the compass that helps me shape my artistic journey.

Once again, thank you for making my opening vernissage an unforgettable experience. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful community of art lovers and friends. Your support gives me the strength and motivation to continue pursuing my passion for art and creating new works.

Let's continue to grow together and enrich the world through art in all its facets. I look forward to many more encounters and conversations with you in the future.

Yours sincerely, Andrea Hibler"


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