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"Visibility of artists"

A warm hello,

Today, my blog article revolves around - you read it right - visibility ;-)

A central obstacle for artists is their visibility. Even if their skills are outstanding and they bring brilliant ideas to life, their art remains unnoticed if it isn't seen.

Therefore, it's crucial to present oneself to the public, whether through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, which are currently free. Of course, you can also attract attention through ads.

I've been on Instagram since 2015, and my followers are loyal companions and motivators whom I wouldn't want to miss.

Having a website is essential, but initially, it may not rank outstandingly on search engines like Google, and people who don't know the artist won't automatically find their website. It must be promoted and strengthened through SEO.

So, I've searched for additional ways to increase my visibility.

One idea was to print flyers and distribute them in selected mailboxes, but this method proved to be unpromising. Often, promotional materials are immediately discarded, and it's uncertain whether households are genuinely interested in art. Hence, a significant disadvantage!

Placing ads in newspapers or magazines proved more effective but is long-term very costly unless discovered by newspapers ;-)

Exhibiting in stores relevant to your art, such as interior design shops, can work but requires considerable effort. Nevertheless, two of my artworks found their admirers this way.

Attending and participating in art exhibitions locally and internationally is another visibility opportunity but often comes with significant costs, including exhibition fees, accommodation, and travel expenses. While it may increase recognition and enhance one's resume, it doesn't necessarily lead to more sales, and even if it does, they often only cover the fair costs. Advantage: You reach art-interested people.

To become even more visible internationally, I recently searched for a reputable online gallery that could serve as an additional advertising platform abroad.

Therefore, I applied to a well-known platform that accepts selected artists curated by a team of curators. After the application period ended, I submitted a blind application to remain in the system.

Recently, I received positive feedback from this platform, which offers various monthly packages.

These packages vary in services and prices, starting from 30 to 100 euros per month.

There are specific packaging requirements, and the selling prices of artworks should already include packaging, taxes, and customs fees.

The buyer has the option to make counteroffers, and there's a one-year return policy. Additionally, a commission of 50% plus VAT is charged.

Now, between us! Do you find this offer fair?

I think it's more of a one-way street than a win-win business relationship. After deducting the mentioned costs, there's not much left for the artist, and the remaining income must also be taxed.

Can I tell you something?

The most important thing in my life as an artist is YOU!

Your positive reviews, your support, and word of mouth are crucial to propel me forward and keep my dream alive.

Many people may not be aware of how expensive it is to produce and market art. The materials alone, rents, exhibition costs, and advertising require significant investments. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

That's why I want to thank you in this way.

Thank you for being the person you are!

creative greetings yours

Andrea Hibler



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